Even though Exotic bullies brought a lot of controversies, they’re taking the world by storm. Widely known for their powerful, strong, and massive bodies, these pets often find their places in all types of families. Even though they might look ’scary’ at first, Exotic bullies are actually famous for their affectionate nature and loyalty. It’s a relatively new breed that has been produced by crossbreeding American bullies and other smaller dog breeds. In most cases, breeders decide to cross them with French bulldogs, English bulldogs, and OldeEnglish bulldogs. Therefore, if you’re searching to find Exotic bully puppies for sale, the key is to find a well-bred puppy that will stay your family member for many years.

Be careful of untrusted breeders....

Unfortunately, many untrusted breeders saw a profitable opportunity and decided to breed these dogs in order to earn a lot of money. As a result, the born puppies go sick, carry a number of health issues and deformities that will be difficult to heal. In addition to this, the owners of such dogs end up paying high bills on their health checks and treatments.

That’s why my advice is to pay attention when choosing a breeder for your new family member. Nowadays, thanks to internet searching, referrals, and social networks, you can find Exotic bully puppies for sale that will be of the highest quality. If you ask me, in whatever part of the world you live, there shouldn’t be any barriers when buying the dog you want.

My kennel successfully breeds dogs for over 10 years. To get a quality litter of puppies, I invested a lot of time, effort, love, and money. Therefore, when choosing Exotic bully puppies for sale, it’s essential to check the reliability of a breeder. That’s why I offer my clients to check the referrals of my previous clients and provide them life-time support as a breeder. I’ll be able to answer all your questions and misconceptions about the care and nutrition your Exotic bully puppy will need throughout its life.

American exotic bullies near me?

Most of the people who decided to buy exotic bully is typing exact same phrase while they are in search for right bully, on internet. But is this your priority in your dog chasing path. Is the most important thing to buy a bully from your neighbor?

We think the most important thing is to buy American exotic bully from reputable breeder. When you paying large amount of money for a pet, or even more important thing if you are buying dog for starting your breeding program, or adding it to existing one you need to trust a man who is selling pup to you. You need to trust in his experience in dog breeding and his public reputation. You will know how good bully breeder is he by the time he is on exotic bully scene and how much time he is in dog breeding. His reputation should be his references from the people he is done business with. Our opinion is that every breeder must provide lifetime support to his client.

Also very important thing is a conditions where an exotic bully breeder keep his canines. That thing reveal how much he invests in his business and how serious bully breeder is he.

Same story with a dog diet, quality of the dog food makes quality of a dog.

I hope that I revealed you why it’s not most important thing to buy a bully nearest to you.

For the people who are a long time in dog breeding as we are, location don’t seems to be a problem. Even though we are located in Europe we can ship puppies worldwide. We have best prices for dog shipping on the market. We can organized a shipping nanny on demand to.

Exotic bully bought from Maxima lux bullies kennel is more quality, our support is lifetime and prices (including shipping expenses) are probably cheaper than if you buy exotic bully in your neighborhood. Plus our long time dog breeding experience and many satisfied customers are our guarantee.

Exotic bully puppies for sale- What does Maxima Lux Bullies Kennel offer you?

Besides previously mentioned lifetime support, I’ll also provide you with proofs of performed health checks. They’ll relieve you that the puppy you’re buying is completely healthy and cleared out from potential diseases.

We carefully choose canine parents for our next breeding. We look for healthy , functional dog parents.

Besides, my dogs come from healthy bloodlines. It means that the dogs have been cleared out from all hereditary diseases. They are fully functional, have smooth and shiny coats, recommended shape and body proportions, and have gone through basic socialization programs which an important task to accomplish to live with a calm-tempered puppy.

My kennel is situated in Serbia, Europe but I send puppies to almost all countries of the world. I prefer hand-to-hand delivery, where it is possible,  because it’s the best and the safest way to make sure that my dog will go to a trusted and responsible person and that the trip will go without any issues. 

Considering we are very long in dog breeding business, we have around us many, confident and reliable shipping agents, and we get best dog shipping prices on the market.

If you live in the UK, the price for shipping with my agent is 500 euros, while the price for the USA starts from 800 euros and depends on the county you live. If you have any questions about the kennel and you want to check the available puppies, you can contact me 


I also have a registered kennel of Cane Corso dogs for over 10 years, so if you want to have a look at my work click on 

We are taking  DOG BREEDING very serious.