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If you are a bully breeder and you have puppies or your stud you want to promote, you will be in a problematic situation finding the right place for your advertisement.

 There are many options for your dog and kennel promotion. But what is the best and the most affordable?

In our opinion second-best option, right after specialized bully magazine(what is the most expensive one), is social media influencer adverts. It is because there is a focused public – exotic bully community. It is the only place where the whole bully community is your potential client. You can promote there your kennel, stud or puppies and adults for sale. We have a powerful Instagram page @exoticbully_europe. We can advertise you, bullies, in posts or stories on a daily, weekly, or monthly period, for affordable prices. Contact us here or there, and we will make the best deal and promo pack.

Today, when a ton of different dog breed businesses is everywhere around us, it is more important than ever to stand out of the crowd.

We think logo design is something that makes your kennel, or any other dog business authentic and unique, easy to remember. The logo gives your breeding business a serious note. Your customers will see a recognizable sign of your existence on the American bully breeding scene. In dog breeding business, more severe means more reliable what means more customers and, of course, more money to you.

It is one of the essential bricks for building your dog business. And not only dog business but your brand also.

So besides a great promotion on our IG page, we can design a fantastic bully logo for you also.

We offer you a unique, cartoon looking logo design for your dog business, kennel name, dog name sticker, t-shirt dog design, and everything you need considering dog drawings.

You can check here some of our work.

Be free to contact us if you have any questions.



Logo designs are coming in PDF, PNG and JPG .

Logo design  prices are from 50-80 $ if you have some special wish we can make a deal also.

You can contact Us HERE.

dog designed banner
Dog banner and logo design

I you need a banner for litter announcement, stud promoting banner or litter promoting banner we can make one for you . We can make any  banner design  you imagine. We are specialized in dog banners , any dog breed. Price for banners are 30 euro and up, depending on number of characters etc. Contact us and we will make the best deal for you.



Tasic Zeljko