Exotic Bully Temperament- Is It The Right Breed For You?

Choosing the right dog breed for your family might sound challenging especially if you have kids. Since you certainly want to live with a loyal and obedient pooch that will act as a friendly protector toward your family members, it’s essential to consider all the facts before you make a final decision. When we talk about the Exotic bully temperament, it’s famous for its affectionate and easy-going nature. Despite they look quite ’dangerous’ at first sight, an exotic bully represents an ideal pick for those who want to live with a zesty and lovable companion.

What to expect from an Exotic bully temperament?

Since this dog of a stocky body is a designer type of dog, it possesses features of dog breeds inherited in its genes. Besides it carries a part of the American bully temperament, your dog will have the personality traits of a French bulldog, English bulldog, and other bully breeds.

Speaking general, bully breeds are very friendly, obedient, and intelligent. They behave extremely protective and friendly toward kids, so that’s why they often find places in big families. Aside from this part, these pooches are also very open and companionable with other dogs. However, to get the best out of an Exotic bully, you’ll also need to early start with the proper socialization.

Socialization takes a huge part in tailoring the temperament of your Exotic bully. Therefore, when searching to buy a puppy, it’s important to find a trusted and reputable breeder. Many people don’t know that breeders are those who start with the first lessons of socialization. They include interaction between puppies in the litter, spending time withe their mother, and introducing the puppies with the outside world (smells, sounds, people). 

The Exotic bullies are bred with the loyalty of American bullies in mind. They are known as calm-tempered, gentle family dogs that are bred to work alongside their owners. Therefore, this dog might not be a wise choice for those who live busy lives. Since they pull roots back to Molossus type of dogs, spending extended time alone may lead them to suffer from separation anxiety.

Exotic bullies love to be involved in their owners’ lives and to spend plenty of time playing and interacting. Built like a small tank, an Exotic bully temperament will suit any type of family and environment. They thrive for attention and enjoy playing with kids because they consider them for their best playmates.

When we talk about the part of the training, they’re not foreseen for hunting, running, hiking, and other types of sports activities. They don’t require excessive training because of their moderately flat muzzles but need daily walks. Otherwise, they can easily become obese which may lead to suffering from different health issues. 

Exotic bully temperament- Wrapping up

To get the best side of an Exotic bully, every responsible owner needs to invest in a dog’s health, care and training. Every dog deserves to get through a proper socialization, requires daily strolls and needs to eat a well-balanced diet. Those are the three main rules to follow if you want your Exotic bully to stay by your side for years.