The EXOTIC BULLY is a new breed still in development. Exotic’s are a cross of American Bully in the first place, Old English Bulldog, French Bulldog, English Bulldog, and Shorty Bull.The Exotic Bully began to take form in the late 2000’s . The dogs began to get smaller, more compact, more wrinkled and more bulldoggysh  look, and that  separate it from the American Bully. For me good definition of exotic bully is that's  an over-exaggerated style of features on a smaller, more compact dog.

They got massive popularity over night and therefore,  affectionately nicknamed “Exotics.”That fast popularity inspired dog enthusiasts and breeders to promote and breed them correctly .Properly breeding ,considerably this is a young breed, means that everyone can come to proper breed information, accurate and truthful pedigree database. So every breeder can make his own puzzle with known bloodlines.

General Appearance: The Exotic Bully will be shorter in height, stout for its size and has an abstruse yet distinguishing physique with a blocky head. Should display effortless movement and should be active and alert to its surroundings.
HEAD Medium in length, with a broad skull, very pronounced cheek muscles, distinct stop, and high set ears. Excess of wrinkles in skull is not desirable and considered a minor fault.

EARS- Natural drop, rose or cropped. Dropped ears are acceptable as long they are small, not “hound like”. Full pricked ears that stand up on top of the head should be considered a serious fault. Ears are usually a medium size. 

EYES- Eye shape is oval to slightly roundish, and set far apart. Any color is acceptable except albinism. However, odd eyes (one dark, one blue or light) should be considered non preferred. Misshapen or bugged eyes are a serious fault. Lacking pigment around the eyes is undesirable. Crossed eyes or non symmetrically shaped eyes are a disqualifying fault.

MUZZLE- Short blocky upper side or squared to fall away abruptly below eyes and measuring roughly 1 to 2 inches away from head (Commonly known as the 1-2 finger muzzle) is most desirable.

JAWS- well definition. Under jaw- required to be strong. Lips- semi close and even preferred but slight looseness is allowed.Jaws are broad and square, while canines should be large. 
Slight under-bite is preferred. Upper Teeth- to meet tightly outside lower teeth in form or scissor bite is accepted.

NOSE- Nose is usually flat or kind of pushed back. All colors acceptable.

NECK Heavy, slightly arched, tapering from shoulder to back of skull. Compact size should have minimal or no loose skin.

SHOULDERS Strong and muscular with blade being set wide and far apart.

BACK Fairly short back length, a slight sloping from withers to rump or straight accepted with gentle short slope at butt to base of tail. The short back level length is preferred in the Exotic Bully.

BODY The body should have well-sprung ribs, deep in rear and all ribs close together with the legs set rather wide apart to permit chest development and the chest should be deep and broad.

TAIL Preferred long to medium in comparison to size, low set, tapering to a fine point. Short tails are accepted. Long tails over hocks, kinks and knots are serious faults, but not disqualifications.

LEGS Heavy boned. The front legs are able to be slightly bowed. Upright pasterns are preferred. Feet that turn slightly outwards is accepted, but is a fault. Feet should be of moderate size, well arched and compact. The hindquarters are to be well defined, let down at hocks, turning neither in nor out.

COAT Short, close to the body & soft to the touch, should have a glossy look.

COLOR All colors and patterns are accepted except for merle.

SIZE Height and weight should be in proportion of the body frame.

All Exotic Bully will be considered to be between 10-14 inches (25-36 centimeters) at withers for males and females. Weight: there is no particular weight for the breed but should be in proportion to the build of the dog.


  • Exotic Bully( Male: above 12.5; Female: above 12”)

  • Exotic Bully Micro (Micro: Male: 12.5” and under; Females: 12” and  under)

  • Exotic Bully Extreme(Extreme has no height requirement).

About the Extreme category it will go in the way as follows:

Extreme category is an Exotic Bully dog with more bone, substance and more body mass than a standard Exotic Bully. For Extreme dogs is allowed a tolerance in size up to 15 inches (38 centimeters).

-Extreme category is an Exotic Bully dog with more bone, substance and more body mass than a standard Exotic Bully.

GAIT The gait should be effortless and powerful. The action must be unrestrained, free and vigorous with powerful drive off the rear. Should maintain a straight top line while in movement. Dogs should be able to maintain a good convergence while moving with no restraints.


(Faults to be penalized for showing are:)
Splayed feet
Curly or wavy coat
Dropped pasterns (weak)
Kinked tail
Gay tail
Excessively short tail
Muzzles that are too long
Muzzles so short that it affects obvious breathing in dog
Severe turn to rear hocks
Level bite
Wry bite.
Undershot (over 1/4inch) and/or overshot mouths
Terrier expression

(A dog with a Disqualification must not be considered for placement in a bench show/conformation event.)
Unilateral or bilateral cryptorchid.
Viciousness or extreme shyness.
Aggressive towards humans.
Merle h
Unilateral or bilateral deafness

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