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Widely known for their powerful and muscle-built bodies, Exotic bullies are quickly taking the spot in the world of breeding. If you’ve decided that an Exotic bully is the dog of your dreams, then you probably want to start searching for the right Exotic bully puppy for sale. Since this is a relatively new dog breed, future dog owners should be especially careful when buying one for a pet and even more, for adding them to a breeding program. Our Maxima Lux Bullies kennel from Serbia offers you to buy high-quality, functional puppies from completely healthy bloodlines.

When looking to buy this breed, it’s important to mention that improperly bred Exotic bullies can be susceptible to suffer from a number of health issues. That’s why I recommend every future dog owner ask a breeder for performed health checks.

Aside from the previously mentioned facts, it’s essential to know that Exotic bullies come in different sizes. Depending on their size and age, bloodlines and looks  the price may range from 2,500 to 15,000 $. Micro Exotic bullies are often higher in price because the breeders need to invest plenty of time, effort, and money to get a perfect litter of puppies. My kennel is dedicated to producing dogs that come from amazing bloodlines such as my stud Morbid imported from the USA,2x Locco LV line, who is a carrier of a lilac color.

Maxima Lux bullies kennel offers you Exotic bullies puppies for sale in micro and pocket-sized bullies. Each of my puppies goes through a socialization program and depending on a buyer’s will, you can get a fully trained dog as well. My dogs have learned to be involved in activity with kids and other dogs in order to build a healthy and calm-tempered personality.

Exotic bully for sale- what to look for when buying a dog?

Since we all want to find a well-bred and healthy puppy that will stay with our family for many years, you probably have many questions to ask a breeder before making a final decision. Finding an Exotic bully for sale might not sound easy since it’s a relatively new breed. Besides these pooches are known for their affectionate nature and friendly personality, they are also on a higher tendency to suffer from health issues if they haven’t been bred properly. 

Once you’ve decided that an Exotic bully is the right breed for you, there are still many precautions to pay attention to. In order to buy a healthy and well-bred puppy, it’s important to choose a reputable breeder. In other words, a puppy should be cleared out from all hereditary diseases, to have a healthy bloodline, and to be fully functional. Therefore, when choosing an Exotic bully for sale, you need to ask the breeder important questions that will relieve you essential facts.

What questions to ask a breeder when choosing an Exotic bully puppy?

  1. Who are the puppy’s parents?

Since Exotic bully is a designer breed of dogs, knowing who the puppy’s parents will tell you a lot about its temperament and personality and of course bloodlines. Always ask for parents videos and try to find functional parents.

2.Ask about the puppy’s health history

Ask a breeder about the health history of puppy parents. Are there any health problems with them?

3.Did the puppy go through basic socialization?

Socialization represents one of the most important steps in order to live with an obedient and calm-tempered dog. Don’t buy an Exotic bully puppy if it’s younger than 8 weeks because it’s a period when your dog should have interaction with other dogs from the litter and to discover the scents and sounds of the outside world.

4.Has the puppy been dewormed?

Since all the puppies are born with worms, it’s important to ask a breeder if the Exotic bully for sale has been dewormed.

5.Has the puppy got all the vaccinations?

Every dog needs to get vaccine shots in order to stay prevented from certain diseases. Ask the breeder to give you a health certificate with the vaccinations your Exotic bully got.

Here is the list of the most important vaccines that every dog should get:

6-8 weeks of age- Canine Distemper, parvovirus

This vaccine is highly important for every dog because distemper is a very contagious virus that attacks the respiratory system, GI, and nervous system. It is spread by raccoons, skunks, and other animals found in nature. That’s why puppies should be allowed to go outside to investigate the great outdoors until they get this essential vaccine shot.

6-8 weeks of age- Bortedella

Bordetella is an optional vaccine that can replace the Canine Distemper shot. Bordetella is a highly-infectious bacteria that causes vomiting, coughing, whooping, and seizures. This bacteria is the main culprit for a disease called kennel cough.

10-12 weeks –DHPP-  Adenovirus, parainfluenza, infectious hepatitis, and parvovirus

This is a vaccine shot that includes a combination of several vaccines and protects dogs from different diseases. For example, the parvovirus attacks the GI system. It is followed by loss of appetite, fever, vomiting, and bloody diarrhea. On the other hand, infectious hepatitis affects the kidney, liver, lungs, and other important body organs. It is followed by stomach pains, bloating, vomiting, and jaundice.

12-16 weeks- Rabies 

Rabies is a highly contagious disease not only for dogs but also for humans. It attacks the nervous system. Some of the symptoms are anxiety, headache, hallucinations, paralysis, fear of water, etc.

Besides previously mentioned vaccine shots that are considered for the most important, the further list and schedule may also depend on the county where you live in. That’s why I recommend you to check with your vet what shot and when will be the time for the next vaccination.

What determines the price of an Exotic bully?

  1. Pedigree

If a puppy you want to buy comes from pedigree parents and are of great health, then your future dog will be of a higher price.

2. The dog’s age

The dog’s age is another factor that affects the price. If you want to get a fully-trained adult Exotic bully that has passed professional training lessons with the breeder or a dog trainer, then such a dog can be higher in price.

3. Location

The price of your Exotic bully puppy can depend on the country where you live. It is familiar that the puppy price is higher in the USA.  In other words, we send our Exotic bullies worldwide, we even can organize dog shipping nannies that make sure that everything went well during the trip. Even with all that expenses we can compete with price with  exotic breeders from the USA.

4. Potty training

First-time dog owners might find it difficult to teach their puppies good potty habits. So, depending on the age of a puppy you want to buy,  you can get an Exotic bully that is already potty trained.

5. Life-time support of a breeder

If you don’t have any experience of living with an Exotic bully puppy, then you might want to have the life-time support of a breeder. I offer my clients the option to contact me whenever they have questions and doubts about their dogs. 

This type of support includes tips about feeding an Exotic bully, basic tips about certain health questions, and training tips as well.

6. Trained dog

Dogs who have already gone through certain training lessons can be higher in price. If you have special requirements and demands about certain training lessons and courses, you can send us a special request.

7. Artificial insemination

Since Exotic bullies can’t mate in a traditional way due to their position of hips, a breeder needs to pay for artificial insemination. Sometimes, the procedure can end up unsuccessfully, so it needs to be repeated.

8. C-section surgery

C-section surgery is another extra cost for a breeder. This type of procedure represents the safest way both for mom and puppies due to the short birth canal and narrow hips. 

9.  Ears cropping

Maxima lux bullies are offering puppy ear cropping vet procedure on client demand. 

Thanks to well-organized types of transport, you can find an Exotic bully for sale that will be of the highest quality.

Our kennel is situated in Serbia, Europe but we sell puppies to almost every part of the world. So far, I’ve sent Exotic puppies to numerous countries. There is also a possibility to deliver you the puppy hand to hand with my shipping agents in order to make sure that everything went well during the trip. Our puppies are functional and we are in the breeding business for over  10 years. They come from completely healthy parents and excellent bloodlines.

The cost of delivery will depend on the country you live in, and if you have any questions about the available puppies and their photos, you can contact me HERE.

I also have a registered kennel of Cane Corso dogs, so if you want to have a look at my work click on www.canecorsolux.com

We require a 500 USD / 500 EUR deposit that is non refundable but transferable for any litter in the future, 2 years after placing your deposit . We accept Western Union,bank wire or Pay Pal (

customer pays Pay Pal fee ) .It is important to us that you receive the puppy you want regardless of any situation!

Transportation of exotic bully puppy is available to all destination of the world.

In consultation with our shipping agents we choose best and the fastest  way of shipping.

Also we are always in excellent communication with our customers ,from the moment puppy is reserved ,future owner gets puppy pictures all the time they get together .

There is lifetime breeder support guaranteed ,because we love what we do!