exotic bully kennels

Maxima lux bullies kennel present to you here , our best exotic bully studs ...

If you want top quality,clean exotic bully puppy, click on the picture  and see what our studs can do for you...

Please give us your suggestion about breeding plan and we will consider it.

We are American exotic bully breeders who are carefully choosing our studs. Our stud dogs must satisfy our high demands. Our boys must be functional, short with big heads and strong necks. They must move without problems. Legs must be straight and body wide but compact. Also, considering big demand for tri colors or lilacs pocket or micro exotic bully , we want want too.

Our stud must be proven producer before we put him in work. He must have at least 5 litters so we can notice some consistency in his production. After that we can ship semen worldwide or as somebody is saying we will have American exotic bully sperm for sale.

If our customer is bringing his American exotic bully female for mating in our kennel, we will provide veterinarian for the artificial insemination on our expense.

If we ship semen to our customer outside Serbia, Europe, semen and shipping expense will be charged to our customer.

Our exotic bullies stud fee is from 1000 euro to 2000 euro depending of a stud you use.

For placing deposit upfront we can make a stud contract on your wish. We consider a litter 3 and more pups. If you got less puppies (what you must verify with x-ray shot) we will repeat the breeding.

If you have female from another exotic bully kennel, and you contact us with a suggestion like paying our stud service in pups, you must send us a picture of your female. If she is shemale as we like it, we will take your offer and make a deal well for both side.

Our American bullies are UKC, Abkc, Ebkc and IBR registered.

From time to time we have available studs ,so check our website again . Information about bully breed is updated daily.