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 Exotic bully standard

The EXOTIC BULLY is a new breed still in development. Exotic’s are a cross of American Bully in the first place, Old English Bulldog, French Bulldog, English Bulldog, and Shorty Bull.The Exotic Bully began to take form in the late 2000’s . The dogs began to get smaller, more compact, more wrinkled and more bulldoggysh  look, and that  separate it from the American Bully. For me good definition of exotic bully is that's  an over-exaggerated style of features on a smaller, more compact dog.

They got massive popularity over night and therefore,  affectionately nicknamed “Exotics.”That fast popularity inspired dog enthusiasts and breeders to promote and breed them correctly .Properly breeding ,considerably this is a young breed, means that everyone can come to proper breed information, accurate and truthful pedigree database. So every breeder can make his own puzzle with known bloodlines...


Who is an Exotic Bully? The Ultimate Guide

There are quite a lot of speculations about the origins of the Exotic bully, but one thing is for sure. Exotic bullies take the world by storm and they have begun to distance from American Bullies since 2008...


Exotic Bully Temperament- Is It The Right Breed For You?

Choosing the right dog breed for your family might sound challenging especially if you have kids. Since you certainly want to live with a loyal and obedient pooch that will act as a friendly protector toward your family members, it’s essential to consider all the facts before you make a final decision.


Exotic Bully Health Issues- Revealed

Choosing the right Exotic bully puppy might sound challenging especially because they’re considered for a ‘newly created’ breed. Therefore, besides finding the right breeder, you should have knowledge about potential health issues that may occur if this breed hasn’t been appropriately bred...


Where to find an Exotic Bully for sale?

Even though Exotic bullies brought a lot of controversies, they’re taking the world by storm. Widely known for their powerful, strong, and massive bodies, these pets often find their places in all types of families. Even though they might look ’scary’ at first, Exotic bullies are actually famous for their affectionate nature and loyalty. It’s a relatively new breed that has been produced by crossbreeding American bullies and other smaller dog breeds...

Merle Color or Pattern in Exotic Bully

The history of the merle coat tone has been limited to a particular quality, which can be related to DNA testing. This is a quality transformation, and merle is really a heterozygote of an inadequate prevailing quality, which is the thing that directs the end example of any canine who acquires the quality...

American exotic bully ear cropping styles

American bully ear cropping

Their head's unique look has generally recognized a few canines through the ages; trimmed ears have become their trademarks. Doberman Pinschers and Great Danes ring a bell immediately. Surprisingly, a significant number of the smaller breeds, for example, the Miniature Schnauzer, have customarily had their ears cropped to give them a unique appearance.

Are exotic American bullies good house dogs?

You are thinking of purchasing an exotic bully and bring it to your apartment or house among your family. But you don't know how would an exotic bully react in a new household between your children. Is it the right breed for a family? Do they fart or stink a lot?