You are thinking of purchasing an exotic bully and bring it to your apartment or house among your family. But you don't know how would an exotic bully react in a new household between your children. Is it the right breed for a family? Do they fart or stink a lot?

Is exotic American Bully a high-maintenance breed?

Standard exotic bully with 13 inches in height makes him a nicely fitted pet even in a condo. Not to mention a worldwide trend on shanking them even more. Today there are micros and even nano exotics under 9 inches in height, making them a toy pet. Today a more significant concern isn't a place for your bully in flat, but caution not to step on it. I am kidding, of course.

Exotic bullies are bred for their looks and companionship. Properly socialized, on time, while they are still small 8 to 10 weeks old, they will do great with your children. Bullies love to cuddle, and since they are low-energy dogs, they would mainly spending time in your family member's lap.

Exotics have a short, smooth coat so that they would need low-maintenance grooming. Their hair never tangles. Brushing a bully once a week to remove dead skin will be enough. A decent brushing conveys regular oils and disposes of dead fur and cutoff points shedding. The ideal approach to brush your bully is to begin from the shoulders and work on descending and reverse. Just have in mind that a short coat cant protect them well on freezing winter days, so keep your bullies short outside on freezing weather or put them in a nice sweater.

They shed much less than their bully relatives.

You can bathe them every couple of months except if they get dirty from outside. Vets recommend every three months because bathing too often can cause your puppy dry skin.

Clean their ears regularly, every 2-3 weeks with a cotton ball and a vet-approved cleanser, continuously checking the yeast infection by smell.

Brush their teeth daily or use sticks made for that purpose.

The most important thing about exotic bully maintenance is for sure nail trimming. Lack of movement makes their nails grow like crazy, so it is essential to get close attention to their nails because it can cause a big problem to your pet.


Do exotic bullies bark a lot?

After an amount of maintenance for one dog living in an apartment, the second important thing is its sound. Exotic bully isn't a loud-making breed. They will only bark for few reasons. If they see something suspicious, boredom ( not only physical, mental) and food if they don't get it right away. So you won't have a problem with your neighbors if you feed them regularly. I am kidding again.

How about smells?

Does exotic bully stink?

Exotic bully doesn't stink differently from other dog breeds if it doesn't roll over something interesting for him but disgusting for us. That's the case if it is healthy and fed with the proper diet.

What if you notice a particular smell you didn't have seen before? What can it be?

Dog dental health: bad breath on dogs comes from their mouth and can be bad teeth or plaque or tartar on them. Keep your bully teeth clean, and if you notice some issues with a breath, visit your vet for a  check-up.

Ear infection: Yeast and bacteria can cause the ear infection. That's why you need to keep your bully ears dry and clean. A healthy immune system can fight bacteria, which are always present in smaller or more significant amounts. If the Immune system fell off, the bacteria would increase dramatically, causing a nasty smell.

Atopy: poor diet or seasonal allergies can cause inflammation of the skin. Your dog can have fungal or yeast infections or hormonal imbalances. This you can sense as a stale-smelling, practically messy smell. These issues might be particularly present in the overlapping folds of your bully skin, which can be fruitful conditions for scent-causing microorganisms.

The natural skin oil is kicked out of balance. That's why your exotic skin shouldn't be too dry or too greasy. Keep checking your canine skin. It shouldn't be red and irritated. If you see signs of that kind of skin, you must change the diet, involve good protein sources, and even more critical fatty acids.

Anal sacs: There are two glands on your canine companion's backside. Canines utilize these organs to leave a "signature fragrance" and to check their region.  When they're healthy, they don't smell.


 These glands can become "affected," implying that the common discharges become stopped up and assemble. This shows a terrible, fishy kind of smell and causes pain for your helpless bully, and you may see your canine dragging her ass across the ground.


This is a significant issue, and you'll have to visit your vet. He can recommend prescriptions and enhancements to cure your canine glands..

Gas: or we can write it like this:

Does my exotic bully fart a lot?

A little gas from time to time is regular for the exotic bully. Sometimes it's even nice to let us know he's there by firing it at us J. But if that starts to happen constantly, it would be a sign of a bad diet. High-fat diets and milk products, soy products, rotten food can be a trigger for a problem. Grain-free and fish-based diet can help. If diarrhea comes up at the same time, visit the vet.


Exotic bully is a medium to small dimension dog who needs very little space beside you. Well socialized, it is a cuddling machine willing to spent every moment next to your children or yourself. Exotics are mostly silent dogs. Their low energy level needs to be consumed by a short walk, only once or twice a day. It is a common maintenance breed with low demands. Keep them well-fed and healthy, and they won't stink and fart much. J All this makes an exotic bully a perfect family dog who can live in an apartment or even a studio.