American bully ear cropping

Their head's unique look has generally recognized a few canines through the ages; trimmed ears have become their trademarks. Doberman Pinschers and Great Danes ring a bell immediately. Surprisingly, a significant number of the smaller breeds, for example, the Miniature Schnauzer, have customarily had their ears cropped to give them a unique appearance.

In our modern times, many people don't support cropping ears and docking dog tails. They see cruelty and mutilation of animals in that act.

Breeders like cropped bully appearance. They think it's the traditional and unique signature of a dog breed. Many people believe the cropped ear will help prevent ear canal infections. The airflow will keep bacteria's  away from the ear canal.

Who is right? What are the most asked questions about bully ear cropping?

How is the ear cropping done?

Most important, you need to realize that in some countries, ear cropping is illegal. If ear cropping is legal in your country, the next step is to find a good vet. If you can't tell who is the best vet near you, you can ask your breeder, and he must know a reliable one. Many vets are cropping in one way ( shape), but some vets will consider the crop you see on the dog in the picture you brought with you.

You must make one initial visit before surgery when the vet explains many things. I am speaking afterword's.

Surgery is doing in anesthetic, so one of the most important things is that the puppy belly must be empty. This means that you shouldn't feed your dog for 18-20 hours. And you must restrict the water 6 hours before the surgery.  A full stomach will make your puppy vomiting. The vet cuts an ear using a shape template while a puppy is sleeping. Then he is stitching the ear. He repeats the action with the second ear, and the process is done. After some time puppy will be awake.

What is the price for ear cropping?

The most usual prices are from 150$-800$, but I would say 250$ is a regular price.

Aftercare tips

Right after the procedure vet can keep your dog overnight to keep watching it. If not, he will probably give you some painkillers and antibiotics. The vet will also attach some protection for his neck to protect the puppy from scratching, foam support, or plastic rack to your dog's ears before sending them home.

Don't be afraid if your Bully is tired that day. That can cause anesthetics.

Keep watching your pup 

Follow the Vet's Instructions and watch for any changes on wounds.

Protect the ears from scratching

Puppy can easily tear the stitches and make the wound bleed. Use the cone if you don't have the pup always on watch.

Provide a healthy diet to the pup and enough water

Help him heal with quality food and water and a lot of rest.

Go to the vet on the scheduled check-up. Remember, stitches should be removed from 7 to 10 days. After 10-12 days, skin can cover the stitches and do a difficult job for a vet on their removal.

Completely healing lasts around two weeks.

 American bully ear cropping styles

There are four different ear cropping styled you can use on exotic American Bully.

The battle crop is the shortest cropping style. Sometimes the short-cropped ears can lay flat on the Bully's head.

The next one is the short crop.

A little longer is show crop.

 Short crops and show crops have the most excellent chance of standing erect.

The most extended ear style is the long crop. If the cartilage is cut too thin, it will be weak to support the ear's weight, and the ear wouldn't be erect.

What is the Best Age for Ear Cropping

The best age for a dog's ear cropping is between 8 and 12 weeks of age. It can be done later also. And ears will be erect if you did to an older dog. But, it will be more traumatic for an older dog, without a doubt.

Why Won't My Bully's Cropped Ears Stand Erect

  • The ligament inside the pinna is too thin even to consider supporting the heaviness of the ear


  • The ear crop was excessively long for the size of the ear


  • The ears are "set excessively low" on the Bully's head


  • Scar tissue shaped along the ear edge



Ear cropping is mainly a trademark for some dog breeds like American Bully and Pitbulls, as it has been doing in their ancestors. It hasn't been proven that it affects bully dog health. Suppose you are considering having your Bully's ears cropped. In that case, it should be done by a certified professional veterinarian to ensure safety and proper surgical operation.

And remember, the anesthetic can be lethal to any dog.

Make a wise decision.