Maxima lux bullies are family-owned kennel specialized in producing best quality micro to pocket American exotic bullies. Micro exotic bullies are generally smaller than the pocket. The general size is 13 inches and under from ground to withers. As this is so young breed with so much popularity growing every day its normal to hear very often many new expressions connected with this breed. One of them is a teacup, micro bullies, or so-called nano bullies. This is an expression for their size meaning that Nanos is even smaller than micro bullies, often they go under 9 inches in height.
Maxima lux bullies kennel is trying to provide consistency in the extremely big, blocky head, large, thick legs, massive backs, and heavy muscular neck. And all that in every possible color in this world, of course in lilac color too.
Unlike other bully kennels our primary goal is not only hyper but quality production of bully dogs. When I say quality I mean first of all healthy. We breed for healthy, functional exotic bullies, who can move without any problems, so-called clean exotic bullies. It is also a specific expression for exotics. It meant that our bullies are cleaned up from all regular flows of the exotic bully breed. The most common are easty-westy legs, short tail, etc.

American exotic bully studs from our kennel are fully functional dogs with the amazing bloodline. We import stud Morbid from the USA. This boy has an extremely big head, massive front, short, massive body with a humongous neck. Also, he has a color too, he is choco-tri. He can produce lilac. He is from the Locco LV bloodline. He is UKC registered. And he is functional too. Everybody interested in future breeding with our stud please, contact Us.

Puppies from Maxima lux bullies kennel are functional and can be involved in the everyday activity of their future families without moving problems. That makes them real companion dogs. And when I mention future families, they must be safe of course from that animal. So we putting special effort into socializing them from the beginning. We are placing them in a different situation with kids, other puppies, and of course, large dogs. They are introduced to car driving, urban noise, and other situations that make them more self-confident and good socialized dogs when they grow up. We would love that all breeders have a more responsible approach to the breeding game, as they call it.
Now, a major role in the look of bullies in our American exotic kennel is playing genetics and diet of our exotic dogs. Genetics is easily found in pedigrees of our dogs. They have the best, most famous bloodlines in their pedigrees. Only if you breed two badass dogs, you can get insane bully. In every breeding we are putting together “wow” factor dogs, hopping for the best. Also, we put an accent on colors, so our breeding pairs are at least the carriers of the color.

The second important thing in our kennel basic is the diet of our dogs. We feed them with the best kibble (Maxima lux bullies kennel is using Purina pro-plan-salmon) in early-stage then slightly introduce them a raw feeding. This is the best practice for our kennel for several reasons. The main reason is introducing pups both to kibble and raw because it will be easy for them later on when some of their new parents decide to feed them with kibble, and some with raw. A puppy stomach will be prepared for every case.

Maxima lux bullies kennel pays great attention to the accommodation of our bullies in a kennel. Kennel set up is indoor with a big area for our dogs. We don’t like the other breeders’ idea of keeping their exotic bullies in cages all day. They have a free moving area in their kennels plus constant access to the yard. In the same manner, we treat our puppies after the first shot, around 6 weeks old. We think this is very important because they are prone to obesity. Aside from this, daily physical activity is very beneficial for their health.

Last but not least is experience.

We have 10 years’ experience in dog breeding and dog training. We sold American exotic bully pups to many countries around the world. For so many years in the dog business, we have connections with reliable dog shipping agents. Either you are located in the USA, Canada, or the UK we have several ways to transport your dog. We are proud to announce for our future customers that we have for most destination hand to hand delivery, on our customer address. When professionals handle your dog shipping, there is no room for something unpredictable to happen. No matter where we ship them. From time to time we have adult females and studs for sale, also.

Maxima lux bullies kennel is located in Serbia, Europe.  As we said earlier we ship our American exotic bully puppies to any destination of the world.

At last, I think there are more than enough reasons to contact Us for your next breeder choice for American exotic bullies. Reputable breeder like our kennel, Maxima lux bullies is always smarter and most secure option to get exotic bully just like you want and that the puppy will be safely shipped to you. Until we spoke again, stay safe!

Because of the great demand for pups (most of them are reserved before they are borne) for sale from our kennel, it would be wise to reserve your puppy on time. Our website is daily updated, so please, check our future breedings here, they will be straight fire.

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